Cycling courses

Let's run by bicycle in Saitama

There are two types of cycling courses. One of them is a cycling course type that connects roads in the city so that people can go cycling to sightseeing spots with ease. The other one is a cycling course type that connects a wide range of cycle roads so that people can go cycling while feeling the wind and natural surroundings. Saitama offers many routes for these types of courses and is waiting for you.

How to go cycling

You should not shy away from renting a bicycle just because you do not know how to rent it or you are afraid that it requires a complicated procedure. The procedure is easy if you have an ID card. You can drop off the bicycle depending on the location. The actual procedure is explained here.

1.Visiting the cycle station of the desired course by train or car

First, decide the desired course and go to the nearest station by train or car.
Each of the courses introduced here has a cycle station within five minutes on foot from the nearest train station. You will find the cycle station soon after you get off the train at the station. You may go to the cycle station by car, because you will most probably be able to find a parking lot close to the cycle station. For safety's sake, however, it is a good idea to visit the cycle station by train.

How to go cycling 1
2.Take the procedure to rent a bicycle.

Show your ID card first when you arrive at the cycle station.
The procedure is the same for Japanese citizens and foreigners. Fill out an application form given by the attendant. It is not so difficult to fill out the application. You may need to fill out your name, the address of the place that you stay in Japan, and contact information. Select the bicycle that you like then.

How to go cycling 2
3.Riding the bicycle and running in the course.

You can get a cycling map from most cycle stations. The cycling map shows sightseeing spots in sequence. Ride the bicycle and go to the desired sightseeing spots.
You may enjoy seeing the view around you, but be sure to pay sufficient attention cycling safety.
You will get to your destination feeling the breeze and seeing the beautiful views along the course.

How to go cycling 3
4.Returning the bicycle and completing the procedure

Return the bicycle and complete the procedure. After you finish with visiting the sightseeing spots, return the bicycle at the specified point and complete the procedure. You may drop off the bicycle depending on the point. Check with the attendant when you rent the bicycle.
Return the bicycle to the attendant at the station. It is easy. Go back home with pleasant memories.

How to go cycling 4

Run in the cycling course!

Introduction of sightseeing cycling course (Chichibu course)

The Chichibu course provides typical sightseeing fun on a bicycle. It takes one hour by train from Tokyo to Chichibu. It is very enjoyable to cycle around town in Chichibu, with its long history and tradition, and its maintaining of the atmosphere of a place of silk production.

Chichibu course

Sightseeing cycling course introduction (Tone River course)

The Tone River course provides typical sightseeing fun on a bicycle. This course enables cyclists to run on a cycle road along the Tone River, a majestic river, while communing with nature. People who love riding bicycles will have a fantastic time there.

Tone River course

The cycling roads that Saitama manages and maintains extend a total of 300 kilometers and include six large-scale cycling roads on the banks of the Arakawa River (Arakawa Cycling Road), Tone River (Tonegawa Cycling Road), and other rivers; the Green Healthy Road in the midst of a lush natural rural area; and the Water and Green Fureai (lit. interaction) Road. In the future, Saitama Prefecture will set up more cycling routes, including an inter-prefecture excursion course connecting these cycling roads as core routes.

Tone River course 2

LOVE bicycle SAITAMA―Potter Girls Saitama

Potter Girl Kaori Matsuno
Potter Girl Kaori Matsuno

Saitama Prefecture is currently promoting bicycle tourism. The Potter Girl team has been formed as part of its bicycle tourism campaign.
"Potter Girl" is a new Saitama-made term originated from "pottering," which is an English word coined in Japan and means "cycling around". The Potter Girl team is a team of female bicycle lovers that has been formed by models and prefectural officials in order to promote Saitama's bicycle tourism all over the world.
The Potter Girl team is actively promoting bicycle tourism so that people will recognize that Saitama is a paradise for cycling. Say hello to them when you meet the team while you go sightseeing in Saitama.

LOVE bicycle SAITAMA 2

Cycling tips

Some cycling tips are presented here. The tips provide cyclists with the knowledge necessary for cycling, including information on traffic regulations, how to use restrooms, and what to do when you are thirsty on the way. You can go cycling in Japan tomorrow if you have read these tips.

Bicycles must keep to the left

Japanese traffic regulations The red traffic light indicates that you must stop and the green traffic light indicates that you may proceed in Japan.
In principle, bicycles must not run on sidewalks. In Japan, bicycles as well as cars must keep to the left. Japanese traffic rules may slightly differ from your country's traffic rules. Be careful when you run on public roads. In any case, give priority to pedestrians.

Bicycles must keep to the left
Go to the nearest police box if you are in trouble.

If you are in trouble, or if you are lost during your sightseeing, ask for directions at the police box. Police officers will respond kindly in Japan.
Restrooms are available in each course. If you cannot find one, you can visit a convenience store, because most convenience stores will let you use the restroom for free. Police boxes will provides you with guidance for free as a matter of course. If you use them, however, remember to say "Thank you." It is universally good manners to express thanks to people giving you their kindness.

Go to the nearest police box if you are in trouble.
Useful information

Public water fountains are available along each course. Anyone can use them for free. It is a good idea to use them from time to time if you go cycling in summer. As a matter of course, tap water is safe to drink as-it-is in Japan.
In principle, you must return your rental bicycle to the cycle station where you rent it. Some cycle stations will allow you to return it at your destination. Check with the cycle station before you rent one. Electric bikes are available depending on the cycle station. It may be fun to give it a try.

Useful information

List of cycling roads

Some of the cycling courses in Saitama Prefecture are listed below. Saitama has many other cycling courses. Saitama Prefecture provides people who want to go cycling with support regardless of their nationalities. Come to Saitama and enjoy cycling!

Cycling courses Parks available to cycling
  • Arakawa Cycling Road
  • Tonegawa Cycling Road
  • Hiki Cycling Road
  • Irumagawa Cycling Road
  • Water and Green Fureai Road
  • Green Healthy Road
  • Shibakawa Cycling Road
  • Musashi Kyuryo National Government Park
  • Saiko Doman Green Park