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SAITAMA Feature 1

Saitama Prefecture serves as the stage for a large number of animations and comic books. Locations in the prefecture that have appeared in animations and comic books or where heroes were filmed in action movies, are introduced with photographs.
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SAITAMA Feature 2

Visiting sightseeing spots by bicycle is a very common sightseeing style in Japan now. This style started in Europe more than 10 years ago. Saitama provides support for such sightseeing cyclists.
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SAITAMA Feature 3
Japanese sake

Saitama Prefecture has 35 sake breweries, each of which has a long tradition and has been making Japanese sake by making use of the characteristics of the local area. Saitama is one of the greatest places for sake production. It took fourth place in the ranking of prefectures with the greatest amount of sake shipments (from January to September 2011).
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