Industrial Tourism An adventure of seeing, hearing and learning firsthand
酒SAKE The Land of Colors – Where Delicious Sake is Born
芸TRADITIONAL CRAFT Learning about the traditional craft of Saitama
食TRADITIONAL FOODS Enjoying Saitama’s Traditional Foods
工FOOD AND LIGHT-HEVAY INDUSTRY Discovering Saitama's Industry

“Industrial Tourism” will take you to various destinations such as manufacturing companies, which have been passed on from generation to generation historically or culturally in its local community, and factories with cutting-edge technologies.
Rich in nature and historical heritages, Saitama prefecture prospering in trade and industry is full of attractive places perfect for "Industrial Tourism". In addition, visiting nearby tourist attractions or popular restaurants will make you find more attractive Saitama you have never known before.
Let's turn the page and start the adventure of enjoying, experiencing, and learning about Saitama!

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